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I have part of my basement finished and rented out. Since I am in between tenants I wanted to see what I could do about cutting down the noise between the first floor and the basement. Our living room is over top of the living room downstairs.

After doing some research I found the best solution was to install acoustic insulation. The product is made out of recycled blue jeans. I comes in 16 or 24 inch widths and in 8ft lengths. A bag covers 126sq ft. It was easy to work with. No irritation like with fiberglass. I was able to cut it with a heavy pair of scissors. The only issue was some fine partial dust that gets in your nose and eyes. Totally harmless though.

Since I have a drop ceiling I was able to lift up the tiles and position the strips so they lay directly on the tiles. This allows them to butt up next to each other with no gaps at all. I was able to install it all in about 5 hours (3 bags). My drop ceiling is very close to the joists so it took a little while to get them all in position.

The product is called Ultra Touch made by www.bondedlogic.com. They have limited dealerships in the US. The cost was $235 per bundle. You can claim this on your taxes and get a 30% deduction (at least for 2010)

I am very pleased on how it came out. I turned the TV on full blast on the first floor and although I could still hear it, it was very soft in the basemen only a few feet away.


Sample of material

Close Up

In ceiling between drop ceiling and joists
Another of the same
Product Bag
Size and coverge