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Rancho shock bushings


I recently purchased some Rancho shocks for my Jeep Wrangler. They come shipped with polyurethane bushings that are not installed into the shocks. I soon realized that trying to push or pry these in was not going to work since they are so stiff and springy. The simple way to install these is get a large deep socket that is about the same size as the circular metal part of the shock where the bushing goes in. Be sure the socket is big enough so it does not block the hole in the shock. This is a pretty big socket and if you don’t have one you will need to improvise some method to support the metal ring.




Place the socket on a hard surface. Turn the shock on its side and lay the one end on top of the socket and then support the other end so it is laying level on the socket. Take a very small dab of wheel bearing grease and spread on the inside of the shock. Put the center mounting sleeve through the bushing, this can be done by hand( a small amount of grease may be needed). Then place the bushing on top of the shock. Get another deep socket that is just large enough to fit over the center mounting sleeve/bracket in the bushing . Place it on top of the bushing. Hold the bushing level with one hand and then with a hammer give the socket a good smack (watch you r hand). The bushing will pop right in.