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I found this decal at http://www.fastdecals.com/transformer_decals.htm . This is the first time I ever installed a decal on a vehicle. It came in 2 pieces cut in the center. After researching I found the best way it to use the hinge method. You position the decal where you want it then extend a piece of masking tape across the center and it is secured to the surface. Then peel back the backing and cut it off. Spray the surface and decal with a water-soap mixture. Then use a plastic squeegee to slowly lay down the decal parts. After this is done you peel away the backing. I made a few errors. I used too much soap in the mixture and I sprayed it too much. This led to the decal not sticking very well at all to the hood. Also when I peeled back the backing it was difficult. I was still was able to get it to work with a little effort and used a paper towel to dry it off as much as possible. Because it was too wet it took about 24 hours for it to completely dry out but the end result came out great.