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Nothing better than scaring a few kids. I get dressed up in my scarry mask and sit on the porch without moving, just holding the bowl of candy. We give out full size candy bars. I always remember that house that did that when I was a kid. I have 2 wireless speakers I set up and play scarry music. I have a fog machine that I bought a few years ago. It works pretty well except it is always windy so it tends to blow away quickly. I use a basic chiller cooler. You can see red cooler and fog machine in the picture. The cooler cools the fog down to keep it low the ground. My source for dry ice (which works best) went out business this year so used normal ice which does not work that well. The mummy in the window is a plastic -2 part sheet that is just hung with tape and I have a light behind it. You can get this on Amazon for about $15.00.


I always do a complex pumpkin carving. I use the little manual hand saw kits that they sell in the store at Halloween time. I finally bent the little saw after 4 years. The bigger pumpkins work best so you have a flatter spot on them. You overlay a paper pattern on the pumpkin and make dot indentations using the tool in the kit. Then you play connect the dots with the saw.

My sons first ever carving.