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​This is old news but new news to me, check out this video. After watching this I took 2 keys that I had and filed them down and then practiced a while and I was able to break into my house and my work. Kind of scary. I did some research (the information was buried) that Kwikset www.kwikset.com/ makes a lockset http://www.kwikset.com/SmartSeries/SmartKey.aspx that is anti bump proof at a reasonable price. I replaced the locks at my house and workplace.


You can buy these at Home Depot. They are in a separate little section. You are looking for the SmartKey feature. I bought mine off Amazon. The set of door and deadbolt was like $45


If you want to be a fulltime bumper you can get a whole set of premade bump keys at www.bumpmylock.com