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This is probably one of the best things I have ever built. I work with a boys group called Royal Rangers, which has 2 main campouts each year. They are normally held out in the middle of the field with only a garden hose as a water supply. The water cannons are setup on a small slope so all the water drains into a big hole I dig. This holds the water so it can be recycled and used over again. I have a new design I want to try which will use 2 pumps. Then I can dig a small hole. The one pump will pump from the hole into a large trash can next to the hole. This will be the above ground storage. Then I will just a pump from the trash can to operate the cannons.


In this video I super sized my water cannons to 4 on each side. Normally is has 2. In the past I used a 1hp sump pump but in this case I rented a gas powered water pump. Because the hole was so large to store the volume of water needed I did not have a tarp big enough with me to put in the hole, hence all the muddy water