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I found that you could play all the old video games that I grew up with on my computer using a product called MAME www.mamedev.org . You can also search around and get the games. I believe they call this gray software because most of the companies that made the games are out of business or no longer sell or market them, but they still own the licensing rights. I decided to build a full size arcade game to run these. All the controls are the real deal. You can get them from www.happcontrols.com/ for a reasonable price.

I found a company in the UK that makes circuit boards that will convert the mouse and the keyboard into separate wiring ports. This allows you to connect the wires from all the controls to the circuit board. You can also still leave the mouse and keyboard plugged in for other commands that might be needed.

The computer is an old Windows 98 machine with s-video card installed.

I found the basic plans from someone on line. The sides are painted with a special textured paint that comes in spray cans. The front is plexiglass. The coin door allows access to the computer and the volume for the speakers.


The whole control panel can be removed. I was going to build a second panel with different controls on it (more buttons and spinner). Then I could swap them out in 1 minute.




The Mame arcade machine



Control Board that is removable. I used real arcade buttons, joy stick and roller ball.



Close up of control board



Real coin door



Coin door access to computer



Front panel comes down to reveal keyboard and mouse. This is mounted on draw slides.



The draw pulled out.



Inside the machine. Notice the hook and latch. This holds the whole control panel in place since it also is on drawer rollers.



Here are the 2 circuit boards that convert the keyboard and mouse into direct wiring ports.



Inside of the machine



Drawer slides for the key board and control panel



Printer cable that is used as a quick disconnect of all wires between machine and control panel.


vid14 (1).jpg

 Underneath of the removal able control panel. All wires are from the printer cable



Close up of joystick and control button wiring



Printer cable close up


Slides for control panel



Volume control for speakers


Side shot



I used textured spray paint for the sides



2 speakers mounted in the top



​Inside machine



I mounted a florescent bulb to show through the header panel.