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Trailer Light Kit


I just purchased a direct fit electrical towing/trailer light kit for my Jeep Wrangler. What was strange was that the Jeep had a aftermarket hitch on it when I bought it but no trailer light connection. I always by the direct fit kits because they are so much easier. It took a minute to find where the connectors are. They are outside the Jeep by the rear of the tire inside the rear most part of the wheel well. I was able to pop the edge of the plastic wheel well out but I also took out the one plastic push rivet. These are a pain. I just grabbed them and rock them back and forth will puling them out. The left side connectors came right apart. There is a small tab you must press down with your finger to release the connectors, then just pull. The right side was much more difficult. The connectors would not come apart and in the process of pulling one of the wires came out of the connector. I eventually grabbed to channel lock pliers and grabbed each side of the connector and rocked them apart, which worked. The inside was corroded pretty good. I took my steel tooth brush to it which cleaned it up a little. After I put in the new connector I checked the tail light and they were not working. The wire that had pulled out was not making a good connections. I pushed it back in father and the light now works. I hope it was mot wiggle loose. Because the wiring is all outside it is hard to run the wires. On each side I did put it through the cross member but the wire still had to run along the bottom of the gas tank shield. I used 2 zip ties to secure it to 2 holes on the cross members which are towards the outside. I used 2 more zip ties to secure the wire to 2 studs that were coming from the gas shield. They ware coated with rubber (not sure what these are) and the wire ties worked well. I was able to get enough tension so the wire did not sag down. I shoved the actual connector into the empty receiver hole to keep it from hanging and looking bad.